What Exactly Is Home Automation?

Home automation is an automated method of operating sections in a house. The equipment used could be voice recognition, heat, smoke, sensor and pressure detectors. Typical automation equipment ranges from automatic remote control for the lights, telephone, sprinklers, security, gates temperature, and windows.

Automated lighting has grown in popularity over the years, and in addition to security systems, is usually the starting point for automation. Room lighting is controlled by a remote and can be switched on and off, and dimmed. Both the interior and exterior lights can be controlled remotely which includes the garden lighting.

Automated telephone systems used to be only seen in businesses, however, they are now available for homes. Voice control software allows every phone in the home be controlled. When caller ID is used with an automated telephone system, the system can be set to accept certain calls only.

Like lighting automation, most homeowners start with a security system. Security cameras were once only seen in the likes of stores and banks, however, they are now available for homes. Automated security monitors will alert the police when there is a break-in, and alert the homeowner when there is a water leak. Some security systems will allow the homeowner to lock and unlock their doors, including the garage from a remote location.

Thermostats which are controlled remotely means homeowners can control the temperature of their home from another room or from their cell phone. This kind of automation is ideal in the winter or summer months. Windows, curtains, blinds, and fans can be controlled also with the touch of a button. Some automation temperature systems come with alert features which inform the homeowner if their pipes are going to freeze. Should you be interested in any of the above, you need to speak to your local home automation service and ask for a list of prices on their services.

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