What Is a Journeyman Electrician?

A journeyman electrician is a professional that works on electrical systems, this includes installing lights, connections, communications, power supplies, and security systems. They could also perform electrical work on residential or commercial buildings, or work on overhead lines. While the majority of individuals that go into this industry work in construction, a journeyman can work in the likes of manufacturing plants or utility companies.

The path to becoming a journeyman begins with individuals finding an apprenticeship program. Being an apprentice means working in the day and going to an apprentice training program in the evenings. After 4 years have elapsed, only then will they be eligible to take the Journeyman’s exam, which is given by individual states based on the local National Electric Code. Upon successful completion, they will then be certified as a journeyman.

Once they have received their certification, a journeyman is allowed to work alone on electrical systems. They could install fixtures and equipment, install and repair wiring and run power lines for local municipalities. More advanced work can often include wiring fire alarms and installing control wiring in a building’s electrical system. On the residential side, a journeyman will be allowed to do all aspects in regards to electrical systems. A journeyman will be allowed to train others, usually, other apprentices that are working towards their certifications.

While a journeyman is allowed to do a broad range of jobs, the are not permitted to get electrical permits or do design work on electrical systems. In order to do these jobs, the journeyman must gain 2 extra years or work experience, after which they will need to sit a Master’s Certification Exam. Once they have completed this, only then will they be allowed to design systems and open their own commercial or residential electrical services business.

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