Get a 21st Century Home with Our Local Home Automation

Faulty electricity has been the culprit of many home fires. And if you consistently experience outages or short circuits, it is best to get an expert. Inspections are a great way to prevent unwanted fires. An expert can pinpoint faulty wiring and do immediate repairs.

The company who you can trust to do an exceptional electrical repair is Appleton Electric. We are located in Thousand Oaks, CA. We offer affordable electrical services. From exterior to interior lights, we fix them to keep your home safe and updated. If you want to know more about our services, keep reading below.

Local Home Automation
Are you tired of switching lights on and off? Let us make your home smarter. With the latest technology, you get to enjoy the comforts of your home with a single button.

Get lights to automatically turn on whenever you are around. Aside from this, control your house’s temperature with a tablet. No more manual switches. It is all about getting your appliances, lights, and more automated for a better home experience.

Whole House Surge Protection
A power surge can fry your appliances. This is a nightmare to encounter because of the subsequent expenses needed to replace your items. Protect your home from this with our services. Let our team of experts install a surge protection to keep your assets safe.

Lighting & Fixtures
Do you have high utility bills? Let us reduce it by upgrading your fixtures, lights, and electrical systems. An efficient lighting and fixtures will reduce your monthly bill. Have our experts upgrade your home today.

Service Panel Upgrades
Another electrical problem we fix involves service panels. A service panel is the main control switch of your home’s electricity. If you experience flickering and other electrical problems, this may be the cause. Having a brand new and efficient panel will prevent this from happening.

For all your residential electrical works, Appleton Electric is the highly recommended expert in and Thousand Oaks, CA. Call us at (805) 990-2765 to get your home’s electrical system improved.

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